Let your heart be your religion, Let it break you out of this prison…

So you know that moment when you just feel like giving up on everything? Yeah, well I’m kind of going through that right now. Just when I thought everything was going well in my life, I find out that the ex has been badmouthing me yet again publicly on his twitter. Like, I thought we were finally past that point of immature bickering, but I guess obviously he is still a little child. I just don’t understand what the whole point is. He obviously is jealous that I got asked to be Godmother of our mutual friend’s baby and therefore he’s lashing out. But honestly, there’s no need to be rude or cruel about it. I’ve finally given up on trying to be nice anymore, because evidently it all just backfires on me. I’m so done. Done.
I heard this song recently on the radio and fell in love with the lyrics. It feels like we are a million lonely people in this world and we’re just afraid of doing anything. I’ve been afraid most of my life and just played it safe. But today I say “no more” and have decided my heart will break me out of this prison I have built myself into. Starting with the ex, I will no longer be nice, I will say what’s on my mind, and won’t tolerate any of his insincerity. I will dare myself to be a stronger woman.


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